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Marketing professionals benefit from a wealth of insight and planning information to optimize marketing strategies and improve web site design.

Business professionals profit from comprehensive executive reports, plus the cost savings outsourced web analytics offer when compared to in house implementations.

IT professionals gain from ease of implementation, rapid deployment and cost savings.

Visitor Intelligenceā„¢: Visitor Intelligence is key to accurately measuring marketing, cataloging, merchandising and site design initiatives for your web site. For example, which metric do you think is most valuable? Ten people clicked on your promotion - or - seven unique visitors clicked on your promotion and it was seen ten times.

Real Time: For companies that deliver time sensitive or promotional content, real-time means you can track the effectiveness of promotions and measure visitor response. This information can help you determine what's working and fix what's not. As an example, an online news site can establish when a story is losing its interest, and therefore identify when to pull it or when to promote it.

Custom Reports: Most vendors deliver statistics in a 'one size fits all' configuration. This can be ineffective because most web sites now employ sophisticated web applications or special features that no longer fit the 'one size fits all' paradigm. As a result, we deliver targeted reporting specifically for your web site.

Unique Visitors: In advertising 'reach' is everything. It is important to know if your 'content' is shown to 1 person 100 times or to 100 people once.

Banners & Campaigns: Optimizing online marketing campaigns begins with monitoring which promotions and campaigns are most effective. Track the effectiveness and profitability of emails, banners, affiliate partner sites, sponsorships, editorial and paid links, in addition to inbound and outbound promotions.

Powerful Visualization: Powerful visualization tools include: automated thumbnails of web pages, banner ad thumbnails, geographic maps, time zone maps, stock ticker window, real world event calendar and graphical summarizations showing visitor metrics.

In addition, you can mouse-over report elements to reveal deeper numeric insight. Control report list size, generate comparative reports, filter the report by keyword, adjust report styles and launch related reports. Plus, many metrics shown in ledger views offer a magnifying glass to drill down even deeper into that metric.

Forecasting: Forecasting offers the information you need to predict the outcome of your marketing initiatives, monitor web site redesigns and foresee website traffic for future infrastructure growth.

Search Engines & Keywords: Provides detailed search engine and keyword tracking. Knowing which keywords visitors use to reach your web site provides valuable information you can use to improve your visibility on the Internet.

These keyword reports offer a good source for words you might include within your web page meta tokens; many search engine indexing algorithms consider these tokens in their search results.

If you pay for keyword sponsorship, these reports provide a way to measure keyword effectiveness right at your web site.

Comparative Reports: Comparative reports offer a quick way to see the performance of diverse marketing initiatives such as e-mail campaigns, partner and affiliate programs. In addition, these reports illustrate whether other inbound or outbound promotions are on their way up or out.

Geographic Reports: These reports not only reveal geographic location, but corporate and service provider entities as well. This information is valuable in determining the amount of traffic that enters your web site via portals such as AOL. It is also valuable when scouting for advertisement locations, determining degree of interest by corporate entities, or keeping an eye on your competitors.

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